Parish Organisations

  • Parish Liturgy Group

Tel. 01-8255342


  • Church Choir

Tel. 01-8255342

Tel. 086-3744117 Music Director Louise


  • Folk Group and Children's Choir

Tel. 01-8255342


  • Children’s Liturgy

Tel. 01-8255342


  • Baptismal Team

Tel. 01-8255342


  • St. Joseph's Young Priests Society

Tel. 01-8255342

Meet after 9:00 am Mass on the first Thursday of each month. (Except July and August)


  • Bethany Bereavement Support Group

Tel. 086-8497176

One-to-one confidential service, 41 Avondale Square, from 8.00-9.00pm on first Wednesday of the month. If at any time now or in the future, you feel the need for support, or a listening ear, we would be glad to help you.


  • CURA

Tel. 01-6710598


  • Legion of Mary

Tel. 01-8255342

Meeting every Tuesday evening at 8.00p.m.


  • Parish Social Services

Tel. 01-8255342


  • Accord

Tel. 046-9027518 or Visit Accord

Marriage Counselling, Pre-Marriage Course etc.


  • Dunboyne St. Vincent de Paul

Tel. 086-0246170

All financial support is welcome.


  • Church Cleaning Group

Tel. 01-8255342


  • Meals on Wheels

Tel. 01-8251046 Cathleen Carr

Every Monday, Wednesday & Saturday. Drivers & Helpers wanted


  • Dunboyne Active Retirement Association (D.A.R.A)

Tel. 01-8026695


  • AA

Meeting every Sunday evening in Old School, Dunboyne at 8.00pm.